The Time I spent amidst Sahyadri Mountains.

I live in Ulhasnagar, which is not really a metropolitan city but its a town which is around 4o mins away from Mumbai and it’s somewhat close to getaway tourist spots like Matheran and lonavala. Our idea of a chilled out getaway is simply set out to either of these places and relax and unwind. But let’s face it how many times will someone go to lonavala and Matheran. Not all the time I guess. I was very excited to find discover resorts, which is in Neral. It is just 12kms away from Matheran and almost a 1hr drive from Ulhasnagar.

I checked in on 19th September, the days rains decided to get naughty and it was pouring non stop. I am not exactly complaining because it set a perfect mood for me and my fiancé to spend a lovely time and enjoy the weather with some delicious food delicacies at the resort. We opte for a pool view room but you could also go for a hill view room, where in you get a breathtaking view of Sahyadri hills. Also the rooms are spacious, so we could also shoot indoors. Our lunch was traditional indian food, which probably reminded me of my home cooked food in a great way. The flavours were amazing, bhindi fried crispy along with Bharwa bhindi, some chicken handi, tandoori rotis and siders filled with soup, papad, dahi raita and achaar. We enjoyed the lunch after I got completely soaked in rains and sent the rest of the day exploring the property.

The property was huge with rooms divided into wings. There are 100 rooms in different types to accommodate couples, families and groups. The best part is the interiors are not extremely over the top but are rather quaint and filled with warmth. Wooden flooring, extremely comfortable beds, dainty bathtub and a refrigerator stocked with basic things were just the right amount of amenities. We ended our evening with a lovely coffee and a snack and spent the rest of it sitting indoors playing some board games, as the rains were ceaseless.

The dinner was chinese, which is my second favourite food after Italian. Some good old noodles, rice and a hot bowl of vegetable soup. The chicken chilly was again very delicious and felt home cooked, not stuffed with excessive sauces and garnishing, it was perfect. We also ate vanilla ice cream with chocolate on top for dessert. Our day ended on a sweet note.

Next morning we had a early check out, so we decided to sleep a little extra and have breakfast in bed. The staff at the resort is extremely hospitable, they took care of it and our breakfast was served hot and fresh. I stuffed myself with eggs and poha, not to forget a hot cup of coffee. We explored around a bit and took some pictures. My staycation came to an end and god! I had an awesome time. The lovely weather, yummy food, the comfort and calmness all summed up to be alluring for me. I will highly recommend visiting the place for much needed tranquility and specially with your family to spend some sweet time.

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