Sunday Shenanigans ft. Favourite products

Its 2020 and people have started acknowledging the importance of mental health and self-care. I decided to Join the bandwagon and spend time with myself once in a while. I love to disconnect myself from social media and soak in some goodness at least once a week. I am following a new regimen where in I am using products that are great for skincare and haircare an at the same time they are rejuvenating and healing. this is my version of self-indulgence and first step towards a better ME.

All you need to know if you are travelling to Alibag

Let me start off by admitting I had never been to Alibag before this, yes I live in mumbai and Never got around to visiting Alibag, its weird I know. now that this is out of way it was obvious I had clue how to get there, what are demographics of that region, which are the good places to eat and stay. etc. I just knew I had to go to Alibag for my first wedding anniversary because its not that far, it has beaches and its cheap. yay !!

Parachute Advanced coconut creme oil, worth the buy ?

Hey everyone, hope you guys are doing great. Today I am writing to review a brand new product, that I recently got my hands on. It is the all new parachute advanced coconut creme oil, a pre-wash hair treatment product. In simple words it is an oil replacement, something you can apply to your hair before a hair wash instead of oil.

Whimsical Wine & Glamorous Gold

I recently started dressing up in lot more traditional wear. I honestly found it very difficult to find outfits that suit my style because I am not fully traditional but I have a little bit of Indo western twist to my clothes. I aways struggled to find a brand that has a blend of both traditional and modern. I stumbled upon Chique store. I loved their collection so much. the drapes, subtle embroidery and patterns that were so chic and minimal. they sent me this beautiful maroon and gold tunic. the neck is a crew neck with very detailed studded sequences and similar pattern is on the cap sleeves. the tunic also has a false dupatta which is attached to the dress making it delicate by the look but yet so edgy.