Loreal celebrates 110 years of global domination in hair transformation.

I am that girl you always seem to discover has a new hairstyle every other month. in January I would be a redhead, April has made me go chocolate brown and by the time august arrives I am onto some ashy blondes. yes I am the girl with an obsession and penchant for changing my hair color more often than usual. you can call this a diva syndrome but I like to call it "just having fun". the fact that I am blessed with such good hair quality goes on to speak for itself. I guess god did not give me such stubborn, silky and almost damage proof hair to keep them black or just plain simple dark brown. I am sure the bigger picture is that I can do as I please with my hair and use them as medium of expression. I see colouring hair an an art and just like every art it is form of trigger to evoking thoughts and emotions, the way to communicate vibes as we like to call it these days. a red hair will definitely scream fun whereas a dirty blonde hair will convey fierceness. this is exactly what gets me intrigued and interested to keep switching my hair appearance frequently.

Loreal hosted their infamous #HFN night on 4th September, 2019 in India. it was a monumental event wherein 110 personalities from the field of television, modelling and social media were all in attendance to celebrate the successfull run of 110 years of Loreal Professional Hair. the hair stylist were scouted from the best salon franchises in Mumbai and they were experts in the science of hair colouring. the salons that participated to make this event a success were Jean Claude Biguine, Kromakay and Mad-o-what to name a few. the inventory in place was massive. the Range of products like pre-lighteners, color tubes and other supplies was astronomical. the event was hosted in a shed transformed into a hippy salon setup with a centre stage for the grand finale walk of all those with transformed hair. the place smelled heavenly for those who visit the salon for as small a perk as the smell of freshly shampooed hair.

I was assigned a stylist by the Loreal team and the hair look we went for in was copper blonde balayage. I could see all around that influencers have gone for such different hair looks, I knew its going to be an amazing finale that displays a beautiful collaboration of talent and creativity. the sun was almost when I got done with my hair colouring ad styling, I went outside in the dim sunlight to take a couple of stories for my Instagram and then headed to indoor photography booths where the brand photographers were shooting us in different angles, capturing the best of our tresses. it was then time for the grand finale. I was sharing the ramp with the celebrities like Gauhar khan, Amyra Dastur, Sophie Chowdhary and lot many other prestigious industry women. it was nerve wrecking at first, those 5 mins standing backstage waiting for my cue I has my legs shaking. I was overwhelmed and excited both at once. I decided to walk the ramp with a smile nonetheless since I consider it to be anybody's best feature. I made sure to pose on the head ramp facing and looking right into the cameras and to turn away with a smirk, subtly saying bye to the paps in front row.

This truly was an event that was a perfect amalgamation of influencers with their mass audiences and Loreal company launching their new hair colour trend "Parisian cool". it was glitzy, sophisticated, well organised and for me absolutely a NIGHT TO REMEMBER. A special thanks to Harsha my stylist from Jean Claude biguine who treated my hair with love and the boreal team for making me a part of their movement of transforming the hair colour industry few tresses at a time.