All you need to know if you are travelling to Alibag

Hey lovelies, its been a while. I have stopped blogging much because I am not sure how many of you guys still like to read. this is something I have been debating a lot with myself. with changing times apps like Instagram, tik Tok and Facebook have taken overture form of blogging and I am not feeling as much inspired as I used to. but anyway I decided to put forward this blog because I felt it was going to be very helpful to you guys. 

Let me start off by admitting I had never been to Alibag before this, yes I live in mumbai and Never got around to visiting Alibag, its weird I know. now that this is out of way it was obvious I had clue how to get there, what are demographics of that region, which are the good places to eat and stay. etc. I just knew I had to go to Alibag for my first wedding anniversary because its not that far, it  has beaches and its cheap. yay !! 

I started off by researching a bit about the region and figured out couple of things. the way to get there is through road and water. you can catch a ferry from gateway which comes a follow up bus and will drop you to Alibag bus stop from where you can take a rickshaw to your resort. next I learnt was the staying options were in hundreds. there were many resorts, villas, beach cottages and small hut like houses, there were also camping sites. I also figured out that these places are pretty far from each other so you have to wisely pick your place of stay so you can at least see a couple of things around and have options to eat at different places as well. the coolest destinations here were Nagaon beach, Alibag beach, kulaba fort and some temples. obviously beaches were my priority and they also had water sport activities like banana ride, parasialing, jet ski and some others I dont know the names off. 

I stayed at bougainvillea boutique Beach house which was just 5 mins away from Nagaon beach. this property suited best because it was an all white beach house slightly isolated with a big pool and rooms with balcony and a swing. the places also suited my budget of around 2500/- per night. I booked it from make my trip where they didn't offer breakfast service but later I found out at the resort if you book directly with the hotel they offer breakfast as a package in your stay. I also rented a scooter from the hotel itself which costed just 500/- for a day and travelled to Nagaon beach and Alibag beach. the drive was amazing the roads are very scenic and beautiful but definitely a little bumpy.

I took a train to CST, a cab to gateway of India and a ferry to Mandwa jetty which is the post in Alibag where all boats arrive. from there I took had a us ride till Alibag bus stop and then finally a rickshaw to my hotel. it sounds very hectic I know but honestly this was faster than going through road, cheaper as well and I had never sat in a ferry so this was an experience and I had no complaints. I enjoyed the ferry ride so much. there were seagulls all through the ride around us, the wind was amazing, the ferry ride was more than comfortable. there was AC options in seats as well as open upper deck seating. I booked my ferry ticket through am online portal called and it costed me 195/- which is 10 rupees costlier than if you buy directly from PNP which is the company that offers ferries. an agent from the website was waiting for us at gateway and he guided us through our tickets and seating. the rickshaw costed me 200/- from alibag bus depot till my hotel. all in all I spend around 450/- for one person in travelling charges for one side and reached in just 2 hrs.

this was all about my travelling and stay, the food in alibag is great if you go to the right places, I highly suggest eating Indian food and local food like misal Pav and Wada. it was tasty as hell. the hotel had a limited food menu and their food was good. not the best but above average for sure. I stayed for 2 nights, relaxed went around a bit, took a thousand pictures and the weather around this time of feb was beautiful. it was sunny yet there were cold winds. 

check out the links to ticket booking online portal and hotel here: