Hey you,

If you are reading this you probably like my blogs and content I create. Thank you so much for being here and appreciating my work. I am 25 years old and I have always had a love for writing and fashion off course. I had couple of prominent internships with cavinkare and channel V and that introduced me to the wold of social media. So long story short the next thing I know was I am starting a blog focussing on all things I love and have an opinion about and thats how I started “Theloveinablog”. Ever since the inception of my blog I have explored more aspects of blogging like food, travel, beauty and lifestyle but most definitely keeping it all stylish. My goal is to create content that is very relatable and tangible to audiences of all kinds.

I am a girl next door, I am a movie buff and I love to dance hysterically on Bollywood songs. I hope my blog takes you on a beautiful journey of how I see the world of fashion through my eyes, how I like to incorporate style in everything I do. I believe simplicity is the ultimate sophistication and which is why my personal style is very basic and minimal. I like to keep it chic, sometimes sassy but mostly classy.